Studying Migrations Routes: New data and Tools

Studying Migrations Routes: New data and Tools

16 June 2016
9.30 hrs.
Auditorium Antonianum – Sala San Francesco
Viale Manzoni, 1

By invitation only

On 16 June, the workshop "Studying Migrations Routes: New data and Tools" organized by Istat and Eurostat will be held in Rome, at Auditorium Antonianum Centre in viale Manzoni, 1. The event aims at sharing the knowledge on migration statistics, on some new ICT tools and on the possible issues related to their use.

One of the most relevant aspects of the current migration flows is their variety and complexity. Increasingly, they consist in intermediate steps and circular routes. At the same time, the receiving countries are not able to detect and foresee the paths, and, less often, to record them in some institutional dataset on migrations. Enhancements are now possible by means of some ICT tools and integration among different archives.

In this context, the Eurostat project on "Standardization and geocoding of migration flows" granted to the Italian Institute of Statistics, has focused on how it’s possible to georeference the birthplaces of each registered migrant in the residence permits database. The Conference will therefore be an opportunity to present the Italian experience in the European and international context and to promote debate on the proposed issues and used methods, as part of the constant dialogue between central and local public authorities, civil society and the scientific community.

At the end of the event a round table among researchers, statisticians and technology experts will summarize the most relevant results.

All the material presented here is available on Slideshare.

Abstracts and presentations

1st SESSION - The roots of international migration

The Italian entry visas archive
Alberto Colella, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Abstract | Presentation

Asylum requests
Chiara Impagliazzo, Ministry of Interiors
Abstract | Presentation

2nd SESSION - Migrations routes: sender and receiving countries

Eurostat Grant on "Standardization and geocoding of migration flows"
Paolo Sponziello, Intersos – Humanitarian Aid Organization
Abstract | Presentation

Migration flows for asylum
Alessandra Romano, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Abstract | Presentation

Introduction to MHub and the Migrant Footprints Database
Angie Thadani, Audrey Metcalf, North Africa Mixed Migration Hub
Abstract | Presentation

Migration routes to Italy and internal movements
Cinzia Conti, Istat
Abstract | Presentation

Mobility of Italian citizens in Eu and Efta countries
Domenico Gabrielli, "Sapienza" University of Rome
Abstract | Presentation

3rd SESSION - Tools

A web storymap of inbound Italian migration flows
Marina Arcasenza, Antonella Gigantino, Istat
Abstract | Presentation

The BabelNet Project
Roberto Navigli, "Sapienza" University of Rome
Abstract | Presentation

Assessment of the refugee camps extension from optical satellite images
Alessandro Cimbelli, Istat
Abstract | Presentation

Radar satellite images and detection of population in desert areas
Luca Pietranera, eGeos – Telespazio Company
Abstract | Presentation

Mobile phone tracking
Sergio Gambacorta, Vodafone
Abstract | Presentation

foreigners, immigrants, inclusion, migrations
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16 June 2016
Studying Migrations Routes: New data and Tools
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