Movimento turistico in Italia

Tourist flow in Italy

The National Institute of Statistics releases data on tourist flows and their features in 2015 from the point view of supply and demand side.

In 2015 nights spent at tourist were around 392.8 million (+15 million over 2014, equal to 4.0 per cent) and arrivals were 113.4 million (+7 million, equal to +6.4%).

In hotels and similar accomodation establishments nights spent were around 263 million and arrivals 89 million (respectively +3.1% and +5.6% over the previous uear). The average length of stay, about 3 nights per customer, was stable.

In other collective accommodation establishments the number of nights spent was 129.8 million (+5.7% over 2014) and arrivals were 24.4 million (+9.2%), thus resulting in an average length of stay of 5.33 (-0.18 over the previous year).

The lengths of stay of residents in collective tourist accomodation establishments in Italy were over 200.2 million, those of non residents were 192.6 million, an increase of 4.8% and 3.1% respectively compared with 2014. The average length of stay for both groups reduced, particularly for non-residents.

The Expo held in Milan in 2015 between May and October of the last year, resulted in a soar of the numbers of nights spent in the collective tourist accomodation establishments of Milano and of the municipalities involved in the event (+26.8%, nearly 1.5 million nights spent over the same period of 2014).

Also the estimates of trips made by residents who stayed in private establishments of the same area were about six times higher compared with the same period of 2014, the numer of nights spent was about eight times higher.

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22 November 2016
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