Noi Italia: 100 statistics to understand the country we live in

Noi Italia. 100 statistics to understand the country we live in, 2017 edition, is issued also in an English version, so as to provide foreign users with a general framework for understanding the different aspects of life in Italy.

The 2017 edition highlights the role of our country within the European context and the regional differences characterizing it through a selection of statistical indicators ranging from economy to culture, labor market, households economic conditions, public finances, environment. In particular, the 2017 edition includes two new indicators: bathing waters (Environment) and innovation enterprises (Science, technology and innovation).

Over 100 indicators are classified in 6 macro areas and cover 19 sectors: they can be looked up in an interactive way through innovative visualisation tools, that help analyze phenomena over time and space; users can also export charts and download data. Information available for each sector (Publications and Useful links) allow users to go deep into phenomena of interest. The entire database can be acquired by clicking on the Data download button on the homepage.

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Agriculture, Communication culture trips, Daily life and citizen opinions, Education and training, Enterprises, Environment and energy, External trade, Health statistics, Households economic conditions, Industry and construction, Justice and security, Labour and wages, National accounts, Population and households, Prices, Public Administrations, Services, Social security and welfare
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10 July 2017
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