Migrazioni della popolazione residente

International and internal migration

During 2016, the international net migration grew by more than 10,000, reaching 144,000 (+8% compared to 2015).

The immigration flow was equal to nearly 301,000 (+7% compared to 2015), the immigrants with a foreign citizenships were the majority by far (263,000, equal to 87%).

The largest number of immigrants was recorded for Romanians (45,000), followed by Pakistanis (15,000), Nigerians (15,000), Moroccans (15,000). Compared to 2015, the immigration of Cingalese (-18%), Chinese (-17%), Bengalis (-14%) to Italy was decreasing.

In relative terms, African immigrants showed the highest increases: Guinean citizens (+161%) Ivorians ( +73%), Nigerians (+66%) and Ghanaians (+37%)

Emigration continues to grow, during 2016, it was equal to 157,000 (+7% compared to 2015). The increase in emigration was only due to the rise in the number of national emigrants (from 102,000 in 2015 to 115,000 in 2016).

The foreign born emigrants with Italian citizenship were more than 28,000 (+19% compared to 2015): one out of two decided to go back to his country of birth; as for the emigrants that didn't choose to return to their country of birth, 43% of the emigrates within the European Union and the remaining 7% went outside the EU.

An analysis by country of next residence reveals that the largest share of emigrants chose United Kingdom (21.6%), Germany (16.5%), Switzerland (9.9%) and France (9.5%).

Among Nationals, 25,000 emigrants with more than 24 years of age held a degree. This percentage showed a sharp increase compared to 2015 (+9%). Emigrants with a medium-low educational level were increasing as well (+11%).

During 2016, 1 million and 331,000 people changed the residence among Italian Municipalities (+4% compared to 2015).

The large majority of the changes of the residence (1,006,000) took place within the same region, while 324,000 people chose a different region of residence. The number of foreign citizens that migrated within the Country is 230,000, +27,000 compared to 2015.

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