La ricchezza non finanziaria in Italia

Non-financial wealth in Italy

Istat presents the values of the main non-financial assets owned by Households, Corporations and General Government in Italy. Data refer to the period 2005-2016, except for dwellings and land under cultivation whose values are shown for 2001-2016. Data on inventories are disseminated for the first time for years 2012-2016. The value of the stock of consumer durables is provided as a memorandum item (2001-2016).

In 2016 the total value of non-financial assets in Italy was 9,561 billion euros. Dwellings represented 60% of the total amount while buildings other than dwellings were more than 24%; other fixed assets, including intellectual property products, accounted for just over 9%; inventories represented around 4% and land under cultivation measured around 3% of the total value of non-financial assets.

Households owned 92% of the total value of dwellings. The value of residential buildings has increased by 76% from 2001 to 2016; from 2011 to 2016 its value has decreased by 8%, owing to the downturn of the market prices.

More than 55% of non-residential buildings were owned by Non-financial corporations, 30% by Producer households and 11% by General Government.

Around 76% of the other fixed assets were owned by Non-financial corporations, 14% by General Government and 10% by Households.

Non-financial corporations had 92% of the total value of inventories.

Land under cultivation was mainly owned by Households (around 90% of the total amount).

The stock of Consumer durables owned by Households amounted to 555.4 billion euros and it showed a decline during the last years (-0.8% in 2015 and -1% in 2016).

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1 February 2018
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