Integrazione degli alunni con disabilità

The integration of disabled students in public and private primary and lower secondary schools

Istat released the results of the survey on students with disabilities in primary and lower secondary schools (public and private) for the 2016-2017 school year.

The goal of the survey was to examine the resources and tools that have been adopted by single school centers to facilitate the integration of students with disabilities. The survey response rate was 88%, 22.885 schools have filled the questionnaire.

During SY 2016-2017, almost 160 thousand disabled students were enrolled in compulsory education: more than 90 thousand in primary school and about 69 thousand in lower secondary school.

About 4% of the disabled students in primary school had vision-related disabilities, about 4.7% had hearing difficulties and about 12.5% had problems related to mobility. The learning and attention-deficit problems affected 17.9% and 17.8% of disabled students in primary school and 24.3% and 16.7% of disabled students in lower secondary school. Regional differences were evident for these type of problems, the prevalence was always higher in the South regions.

The difficulties that characterized students with disabilities in lower secondary school were similar to those found in primary school. Visual and hearing difficulties were experienced by 4.5% and 4%, respectively, of students with disability, while 10.4% were faced with mobility problems.

The scholastic environment remained fairly inaccessible and the number of schools equipped to overcome architectural barriers appeared to be too low.

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30 November 2017
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