Rapporto Bes 2017

Bes report 2017: equitable and sustainable well-being in Italy

Now in its fifth edition, the Bes Report offers an integrated picture of the main economic, social and environmental phenomena characterizing our Country, through the analysis of a wide set of indicators divided into 12 domains.

BES 2017 (Report in Italian)

Statistical annex Statistical annex
All indicators in xls format, organised by domain and by region, with metadata
Dashboard for data visualization and analisys Dashboard for data visualization and analisys
By means of different graphic tools it is possible to analyse trends, geographic and gender differences for each indicator
Summary for the press Summary for the press
Bes report 2017 is based on the analysis of the 12 domains of well-being in Italy, measured using a set of indicators
Information on measuring well-being Information on measuring well-being
All the publications and other information on the measure of equitable and sustainable well-being in Italy
economic conditions, leisure time, living conditions, satisfaction, sustainable development, well-being
Communication culture trips, Daily life and citizen opinions, Education and training, Environment and energy, Health statistics, Households economic conditions, Justice and security, Labour and wages, Population and households
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Date of publication
20 March 2018

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