Reati vittime e percezione della sicurezza

Crime, victims, the perception of safety

Map of crime: most robberies, snatch-thefts, threats, vehicle thefts in the South, most non-contact thefts of personal property, primary residence burglaries, pickpocketing and bicycle thefts in the Centre and North of the Country

In the 12 months prior to the survey, 5.7 % of individuals aged 14 and over were victims of property-related crimes (snatch-thefts, pickpocketing and theft of other personal items) or violent crimes (threats, assault, robberies). In the same period, 16.2% of households suffered vehicle-related crimes (theft, attempted theft, vandalism, etc.) or dwelling-related crimes.

First among property-related crimes was theft of personal items (2.2%) followed by pickpocketing (1.6 %) and snatch-thefts (0.5 %). Threats accounted for the highest number of victims of violent crime (0.9 %) followed by assault (0.6 %) and robbery (0.4 %).

crimes, criminal-justice, justice, statistics flash, violence
Justice and security
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Press release
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Years 2008-2009
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22 November 2010
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