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The estimation of the Informal Sector (IS) in official statistics is one of the most relevant issues to be tackled to guarantee the exhaustiveness of the National Account estimates. The conceptual definition of this item comes from the SNA93, that describes, for the first time, the so-called Non Observed Economy (NOE).

The SNA93 and the OECD Handbook identify three components in NOE: illegal economy, underground economy (i.e. legal activities unknown to the public authority for Fiscal or Social security contribution evasion) and informal sector, regarding those activities characterized by low level of organization with limited or inexistent division between work and capital ,and working relationships often based on occasional collaboration such as family relationship or friendship (including household production for own final use)…

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Informal sector

A survey on Informal Sector: the case of Mozambique

Challenges for a young statistical system

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14 July 2011
Intheworld 2/2011
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