Uso e abuso di alcol

Use and abuse of alcohol in Italy

Istat presents data on alcohol consumption in Italy among the population aged 11 and over focusing on certain risk behaviors. The data were collected through the Multi-purpose survey – Aspects of daily life.

The sample comprises about 19,000 households amounting to a total of some 49,000 individuals. The interviews were conducted in March 2009.

While alcohol consumption has remained basically stable over the last 10 years, the traditional consumption pattern based on the custom of drinking wine daily during meals is progressively changing.

If we consider individuals aged 14 and over1, between 1999 and 2009 the number of consumers of alcoholic beverages has remained stable (around 70%). However, behaviours have become established that more closely resemble a North European type pattern of alcohol consumption outside meals.

alcoholism, consumptions, hard liquors, health, statistics report, wine
Health statistics
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Year 2009
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22 April 2010
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