I bilanci consuntivi delle amministrazioni comun

Final balance sheets of municipal governments

The analysis of municipal-level final balance certificates and local financing in particular falls within the context of Istat’s statistical framework on general governments.

The estimations presented in the following statistical summary are based on information from Ministry of the Interior data banks.

The total revenue assessed by municipal governments during fiscal year 2008 was estimated at 83,375 million euros (Table 1). This general total does not include the revenue of third-party contractors.

The total assessed revenue breaks down into 67.6 percent current returns, 22.2 percent capital revenue and the remaining 10.2 percent for revenue derived from the opening of lines of credit.

local government, municipalities, public finance, statistics report
National accounts, Public Administrations
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Press release
Reference period
Year 2008
Date of publication
17 June 2010
Bilanci Comuni
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