Le molestie sessuali

Sexual harassment and sexual blackmail at work

During their life around half the women aged 14-65 (10,485,000 equal to 51.8 percent) have experienced at least one episode of blackmail with a sexual base at work or one episode of harassment in a broad sense, for example verbal harassment, shadowing, exhibitionism, obscene telephone calls and physical harassment.
Those women who live in the centres of metropolitan areas (64.9 percent) and in the peripheral municipalities of metropolitan areas (58 percent) are more at risk.

During the last three years, 3,864,000 women from 14-65 years of age (19.1 percent of the total) have suffered at least one episode of sexual harassment or blackmail at work. Those who suffer most from this phenomenon are young women from 14-24 years of age (38.6 percent).

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Press release
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Years 2008-2009
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15 September 2010

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