Intheworld 6/2013

Quality is an extremely widetopic ranging from the monitoring of a single error source, to the planning and implementation of control activity for a statistical production process, to the definition of a quality assurance framework for the National Statistical System.

Istat can boast a long tradition on international cooperation on quality issues covering most of the above mentioned topics, and tailoring the cooperation initiatives depending on the needs and priorities of the Institution asking for them.

Within the process of supporting Central and East European countries in the preparation to EU accession, the cooperation on quality has been oriented to strengthen confidence in the Statistical Systems of the Candidate Countries, by creating the conditions for the compliance with EU statistical norms and standards. This is the case, for example, of the Twinning project with the Romanian Statistical Office carried out at the beginning of 2000.

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22 April 2013
Intheworld 6/2013
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