Utilizzo dei servizi di e-government

E-government: use of online services by the enterprises an consumers

In July 2012, ISTAT carried out the second survey on the e-government use by enterprises and consumers.

In the period from August 2011 to July 2012, 64% of consumers had interactions with Public Administrations using direct contact over the counter, 15% using Internet-mail, while only 4% made use of certified email (PEC).

The technical difficulties and the lack of instruments, such as computer performance, type and speed of connections, are mentioned as the most important obstacles for the use of the Internet, or for a more intensive use of it.

As regards enterprises, the Internet-mail represents the most important type of interaction with Public Administrations for 69% of the manufacturing firms, for 58% of services firms and, finally, for 54% of retail trade firms.

The lack of personal contact is shown as the major obstacle regarding higher use of the Internet for 26% of manufacturing firms, for 19% of services firms and for 28% of those operating in retail trade.

Among the e-government services most utilized by firms, the online management of the medical certificates comes first, followed by the employment services and the certified email (PEC).

The quality of services offered by Public Administrations through Internet has improved according to 40% of consumers, to 38% of both manufacturing firms and services and also to 30% of those operating in retail trade.

Comparing the results of the survey carried out in July 2012 with the previous survey (July 2011), an improvement is registered in the share of firms mainly using Internet for interactions with Public Administrations, due to an increase of use of e-mail (from 60% to 64%) and PEC (from 13% to 32%). As regards consumers, the Internet-mail share rose from 10% to 15%.

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