Embargo: a policy for transmitting correct information

Embargo covering the issue of press releases with attendance at presentation briefing

These press releases are issued by Istat press office from 10 a.m. on the date indicated, after a briefing to illustrate the main data, reserved for certified news agencies. During the briefing, journalists prepare the launch texts with no outside contact until a member of the press office staff approves the data release (lock-up system).

Press office staff monitor agencies constantly throughout the briefing to ensure the embargo is respected.
Accredited news agencies agree to respect this dissemination procedure. Failure to comply with the lock-up system may lead to temporary – or complete, in the case of repeated infractions – suspension of access to the press room.

Embargo for the release of complex products

To facilitate journalists’ work during the release of particularly complex or data-rich products, Istat uses a range of embargo procedures. In the case of a book publication, the volume will be delivered to the newsrooms 24 hours prior to the publication date.
Access credentials to preview online products, on the other hand, will be granted on receipt of a personal commitment to respect the embargo, sent by email.

Lastly, journalists may be invited to attend an embargo press conference during which the editors of the volume will illustrate the most important aspects.
In all cases, press office staff will monitor the media until the pre-established publication time, in order to ensure compliance with the embargo.