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Istat provides access to data and information published on this site through the RSS feeds system. The service can be customized to meet user needs: it is possible to receive all updates published every day or solely information on a specific type of document, a theme, a region, a press release, a tag of interest.

The use of RSS feeds requires an aggregator program. FeedReader, SharpReader, RssReader, GreatNewsReader, Straw are some of the programs available for free. Simply click the right mouse button on the preferred channel and choose “copy link” (or “copy address”); then, launch the aggregator program and paste the address you just copied

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To receive information on each press release, simply click on the theme of interest in the press release page and then on the RSS icon.


To receive information on each tag, simply click on the RSS icon at the bottom of the list created by clicking on the tags of interest.