Istituzioni non profit

Nonprofit Institution Continuous Census

Based on administrative sources of data, the Nonprofit Institution Continuous Census provides every two years comprehensive statistical information by integrating the statistical register and the thematic sample survey.

On one hand, the Register of Nonprofit Institutions, realized by combining several administrative sources, provides nonprofit structural data yearly.
On the other hand, the Nonprofit Institution survey is a sample-based survey which involves 40 thousand units extracted by the Nonprofit Statistical Register. This survey is conducted from November 15, 2016 to March 10, 2017 and aims at:

  • verifying and integrating the information provided by the Statistical Register;
  • enhancing the available information through thematic in-depth analysis and fostering administrative archives;
  • reducing statistical burden and costs.

The questionnaire areas have been defined in partnership with ad-hoc Advisory Committee consisting of sectoral experts, policy making and academic. The collected data are related to the main characteristics of Nonprofit Institutions such as: Legal form and Executive Board; Number and type of members; sectors of activity and provided services; beneficiaries of provided services; Human Resources (volunteers, workers, consultant) and their characteristics (professional occupations and training); economic resources; networking; communication activities and fund raising.

Additional information related to the Nonprofit Institutions sample survey are available on the website at the following address