Demographic indicators by province - Year 2013

Full data
Full data
  Totale RegioneTorinoVercelliBiellaVerbano-Cusio-OssolaNovaraCuneoAstiAlessandria
birth rate (per thousand inhabitant)
death rate (per thousand inhabitant)11.410.713.413.111.310.211.212.913.9
marriage rate (per thousand inhabitant)
net migration rate due to internal migration (per thousand inhabitant)0.60.6-0.2-0.20.5-
net migration rate from abroad (per thousand inhabitant)2.52.720.
net migration rate due to other reasons (per thousand inhabitant)14.418.18.811.
total migration rate (per thousand inhabitant)17.521.410.711.512.414.27.81422.4
natural balance (per thousand inhabitant)-3.3-2.4-6.1-6.6-4.5-1.6-2.3-4.8-7
growth rate (per thousand inhabitant)14.2194.54.97.912.
total fertility rate - TFR1.411.41.351.251.271.451.551.471.3
mean age at childbearing31.531.831.131.531.831.43130.831.4
life expectancy at birth - males79.78078.779.179.179.679.779.479.3
life expectancy at 65 - males18.518.617.818.318.418.218.318.318.2
life expectancy at birth - females84.684.783.88484.985.284.784.184
life expectancy at 65 - females222221.822.222.722.62221.721.7
population aged 0-14 (percentage values) - on 1st January1313.31211.812.113.513.91311.5
population aged 15-64 (percentage values) - on 1st January63.263.462.761.863.364.763.562.661.8
population aged 65 and over (percentage values) - on 1st January23.823.425.326.424.621.822.624.526.7
dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January58.257.859.561.95854.757.459.861.8
old age dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January37.636.840.442.838.833.835.639.143.2
ageing index (percentage values) - on 1st January182.5176.2211.2223.9202.7161.8162.9188.7232.4
mean age of the population - on 1st January45.845.44747.646.744.844.846.247.8
life expectancy at birth - total82.182.381.281.58282.382.181.781.6
life expectancy at 65 - total20.220.319.820.220.620.420.22019.9