To guarantee access to statistical surveys, to use up-to-date technologies for publishing official statistical information, to remove any barriers to the use of data. These are the aims of the Institute’s publication operations.

Through Istat databases and information systems, organised by topic, users can choose the type of information according to their needs. In some cases it is possible to build customised tables, in other cases data are structured in prepackaged downloadable tables. Each database is accompanied by meta-information – methodologies, classifications, definitions.

The datasets, for prompt publication of the results of a statistical survey or analysis disseminated without a regular basis.

Microdata files are collections of elementary data. Referring to Istat's surveys, these files are released free of charge and and in compliance with the principle of statistical secrecy and protection of personal data.

Survey results are also made available through press releases and Istat publications.

Through specialist publications (Rivista di statistica ufficiale, Istat Working Papers) Istat promotes and enhances the research activity, sharing the results of studies in the field of official statistics. Usually, specialist publications are only available in Italian language.

Interactive contents section offers charts and maps for statistical data visualization, widgets and calculating tools, all ebooks published by Istat and mobile apps developed to access specific contents.