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Press releases

Press releases are issued according to a fixed press release calendar for the whole year.

The press releases are accompanied by a set of time series for comparisons over time, a glossary of the technical terminology used and explanatory notes on the methods adopted to produce the information: sample size, index definition procedures, data seasonal adjustment techniques.

For scheduled press releases only, the dissemination is preceded by a briefing for journalists of accredited news agencies, during which Istat media relations office staff constantly monitor news agencies to make sure that agencies are complying with the rules of embargo.

The main press releases

To organize the huge variety of information, different format have been created, whose distinction is based mainly on the frequency and on the novelty of the data:

  • Statistics-Flash: to inform about the results of monthly and quarterly surveys (economic conjuncture, labour market estimates, resident population);
  • Statistics-Report: to disseminate new results of annual surveys on social, demographic and environmental phenomena;
  • Statistics-Focus: to make available in-depth analysis on data previously released in less detail;
  • Information notes which contain methodological updates, clarifications or general communications.