Linee guida

Quality Guidelines

The quality guidelines developed at Istat contain the principles for planning, executing and assessing statistical processes and the description of the methods to ensure the compliance to the principles. They are the reference standard for the assessment of both process and product quality, on the Istat statistical processes. The guidelines are currently used in the Istat procedures on statistical and methodological auditing and self-assessment.

The Quality Guidelines for statistical processes using administrative sources (version 1.1 of August 2016) contain the principles for the acquisition and integration of the administrative data and the dissemination of statistics produced using data from administrative source. They are organised in three parts. The first part concerns the principles of the acquisition and evaluation of the quality of input data. In the second part, on production process phases, the principles are developed according the sub-processes of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) relevant in the different uses of the administrative data, and on the basis of a tailored model identification of the sources of error. The third part is relative to the quality of the statistics produced, or output quality. The appendix contains the principles and the guidelines for the centralised acquisition of administrative data and their pre-treatment, monitoring and release for internal use.

The Quality Guidelines for Statistical Process (version 1.1 of December 2012) contains the principles for planning, executing and assessing a statistical survey and the quality requirements the statistics should be compliant with.