Metodi e strumenti IT

Methods and IT tools for statistical production

The Repository of the methods and IT tools for statistical production contains:

  • statistical methods
  • generalized IT tools

validated and used at Istat for the production of statistical outputs.

The Repository is organized by phases of the statistical production process, in accordance with the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) Version 5.0.


The phases of the production process are the “gates” of access to information and specific materials. Only the phases Design, Collect, Process, Analyse, i.e., phases for which methods and tools are currently available, are taken into account.

The PHASES pages contain the most important information about the sub-processes within the selected phase.

Methods and tools are grouped by sub-processes. Methods and tools relevant to more than one sub-process are attributed to the prevailing sub-process.

The METHODS pages contain lists of documents that describe statistical methods. The documents are Istat standards (or European Statistical System standards), or methodological manuals, publications and reports drawn up by Istat researchers (also in collaborations). For a given sub-process, the documents are displayed in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) and are available in PDF format or by linking to external sites.

The TOOLS pages contain lists of generalized IT tools that implement statistical methods. For a given sub-process, the tools are listed in alphabetical order. For each tool a general description showing the functions implemented is provided together with an information sheet.

Tools developed by Istat can be downloaded for free. However, at the first download you are requested to provide a valid e-mail address. How to find the tools not owned by Istat is also shown.

Last updates

  • StatMatch – Published the release 1.2.5 of the R package for data integration through statistical matching and, as a by-product, the ability to impute missing values in a data set June 16, 2017
  • ReGenesees – Published the release 1.9 of the full-fledged R software for design-based and model-assisted analysis of complex sample surveys. New function ‘trimcal’ trims calibration weights to a bounded interval, while simultaneously preserving all the calibration constraints May 8, 2017
  • COMIC – Published version 1.0 of the SAS based software for the construction of composite indices, through various aggregation methods, and evaluation of their robustness March 15, 2017

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