Demographic indicators by province - Year 2013

Full data
Full data
  Totale RegioneVeronaVicenzaBellunoTrevisoVeneziaPadovaRovigo
birth rate (per thousand inhabitant)8.698.879.
death rate (per thousand inhabitant)
marriage rate (per thousand inhabitant)
net migration rate due to internal migration (per thousand inhabitant)-0.50.1-0.6-0.4-0.3-2.1
net migration rate from abroad (per thousand inhabitant)2.43.4211.
net migration rate due to other reasons (per thousand inhabitant)7.711.
total migration rate (per thousand inhabitant)10.115.955.66.814.29.211.1
natural balance (per thousand inhabitant)-0.9-0.20.1-5.20.5-2.6-0.2-4.8
growth rate (per thousand inhabitant)
total fertility rate - TFR1.421.431.471.31.51.361.421.22
mean age at childbearing31.731.631.631.431.631.832.131.4
life expectancy at birth - males80.380.380.279.280.98080.779
life expectancy at 65 - males18.71918.617.81918.418.918.2
life expectancy at birth - females85.385.385.484.18684.985.584.2
life expectancy at 65 - females22.522.722.521.723.22222.721.9
population aged 0-14 (percentage values) - on 1st January14.214.615.112.615.
population aged 15-64 (percentage values) - on 1st January64.96565.263.4656465.565
population aged 65 and over (percentage values) - on 1st January20.920.419.72419.922.720.523.4
dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January54.153.953.357.853.856.252.853.8
old age dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January32.231.430.137.930.535.531.236
ageing index (percentage values) - on 1st January146.8139.3129.9190.9131171.7145.1203.3
mean age of the population - on 1st January4443.54346.243.245.343.946.5
life expectancy at birth - total82.782.882.881.683.482.48381.5
life expectancy at 65 - total20.620.820.619.721.120.220.820.1