Il Bes nel DEF

Bes in the Economic and Financial Document

The law 163/2016, which reformed the Italian budget law, establishes that Bes enters for the first time in the process of definition of economic policies, focusing on their effects on selected dimensions which are fundamental for the quality of life.

A high level committee, whose members were the highest representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Istat and the Bank of Italy, together with two well-known experts, was set up to select a short list of indicators from the Bes set, to be considered annually in the Economic and Financial Document (DEF) and in the Report to be presented to the Parliament.

The indications of the Law were taken into consideration starting with the DEF issued in April 2017, where evaluations for a first provisional selection of 4 Bes indicators where already presented (first results, in Italian).

In February 2018 the Minister of Economy and Finance transmitted to Parliament the first Report on indicators of equitable and sustainable well-being, prepared by the MEF, which highlighted the evolution of the performance of the 4 indicators of equitable and sustainable well-being considered in the DEF 2017, based on the effects determined by the budget law approved in December.

At the end of the work of the Committee, and following the positive opinion of the competent Commissions of the Chamber and Senate, the definitive list including 12 Bes indicators which will be considered in DEF 2018 was published by ministerial decree.

The indicators identified

The 12 Bes indicators in the DEF
• Final report of the Committee – June 20th 2017 (in Italian)
• Decree for identifying indicators – 16 October 2017 (in Italian)

The economic planning documents

• Equitable and sustainable well-being in the decision-making process – Annex to the 2017 DEF (in Italian)
• Italy’s stability program – Section I of the 2017 DEF (in Italian)