Cultural occupations in Italy

di Piro Dishnica

Versione integrale del numero 6/2012

The main contribution of this report is the updating of the work and the context for cultural occupations, in terms of evolution, relations and mapping to ISCO-08 based on the recent release of the Italian Statistical Classification of Occupations (April 2011), developed by Istat.

This work defines the cultural domains that have been selected, and structures two types of semantic metadata (producer's statistical metadata and users' metadata) and tries to bring them together. Other than supplying inputs and technical description on recent evolutions the matter of cultural occupations in Italy (as requested by the ESSnet project), this report makes possible to use a common language that is recognised by Member States, in order to produce and publish a base of comparable cultural occupation data and metadata at four digit (instead of three) in the near future. Moreover, it might be helpful to the continuous development of the Information System of Occupations (released by Istat on fall 2010) when considering the increase and extension of the number and type of users and their requirements for data and metadata on the matter of cultural occupations (from statistical and non statistical viewpoint).

cultura, Istat working papers
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13 giugno 2012

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